book cover The Fog Ladies: Date with Death

The Fog Ladies: Date with Death

A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery, Book 4

“I adore the Fog Ladies.” NN Light’s Book Heaven

The Fog Ladies are at it again, in Book 4 of this award-winning cozy murder mystery series.

Spunky senior sleuths and an overstressed young medical resident solving murders from their elegant apartment building in San Francisco. They join a senior dating group, and romantic intrigue soon turns to murder. Graham Parselle, lady killer extraordinaire, plunges off a cliff on a Senior Singles outing. Did one of his dates pitch him over? Or is Olivia Honeycut’s new beau to blame?

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Reviews for The Fog Ladies: Date with Death

The Fog Ladies series is always fun reading, and the newest installment is purely entertaining all the way through… McCormick deftly shows these ladies live life to the fullest even under some of the darkest situations… One of the best page turners for anyone who enjoys the mystery genre.

Midwest Book Review

This book has dead bodies, larceny, romance, and a low-speed car chase (beginning drivers). There is booze, the promise of hanky-panky, and numerous scrumptious baked goods. This read is guaranteed to bring a smile at their antics, as well as a tense moment when the murderer is revealed with his hands around one of the Ladies’ necks.

Kings River Life Magazine

What a joy to meet a group of women who genuinely admire and respect each other–even when they agree to disagree–despite a disparity of backgrounds, life experiences, and interests… Enid is a hoot and one of the true stars of this enchanting mystery series.

Wild Women Reviews

This book is a true gem. The plot is engaging with all the drama and the mysterious murders. There are so many suspects that you can’t be sure who is the real culprit and the reason behind it. But what makes this story unique is the choice of characters. All the ladies are so different from each other… If you love a good mystery with comedic scenes then this book is for you. 5 stars.

Nana’s Book Reviews

An absolute bundle of comedic thrills! Such an interesting, diverse group of senior ladies with an impeccable sense of humor and respect for one another… The anticipation builds and the words fly from the page even faster… An absolute gem of a read that is cozy enough for any rainy day!

InD’tale Magazine

I love this series… The storyline is addictive to read. I couldn’t put it down… Susan McCormick is masterful when it comes to narration. She describes everything going on with intricate detail. She hasn’t lost her touch… I adore these Fog Ladies. Having them enter the dating scene allows for plenty of laughs and hijinks… The mystery plot is equal parts solving the mystery and funny dialogue… A wonderfully entertaining cozy mystery. Highly recommend! 5+ stars

NN Light, Book Heaven

A dash of Miss Marple and a touch of Dear Abby in these senior Nancy Drews. Each adventure has been a heart-thumping delight. The latest case has a cast of memorable characters doing what they do best, digging until they find the bone.. And will someone please tell Enid to wipe the basil off her chin and put a sock in it!

Goodreads reviewer

These ladies are a hoot, and I loved getting to join them for this exciting mystery!

Long and Short Reviews

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