book cover The Fog Ladies In the Soup

The Fog Ladies: In the Soup

A San Francisco Cozy Murder Mystery, Book 3

“Humorous and compelling.” New York Journal of Books

The Fog Ladies are back, in Book 3 of this endearing cozy murder mystery series.

“There was a man in the soup.” The spunky Fog Ladies, elderly friends plus one overtired young medical resident, volunteer at a San Francisco soup kitchen, and they envision washing and chopping and serving. They don’t envision murder. Now the soup kitchen is doomed, and the mysteries are boiling over. Was the death rooted in an age-old grudge? Can they save the soup kitchen? Will they find the killer? Could the Fog Ladies, too, end up “in the soup”?

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Reviews for The Fog Ladies:  In the Soup

Age cannot slow them down. Their love and caring of each other is a testament to this humorous and compelling tale, offering a delightful addition to this cozy series.

New York Journal of Books

This has all the ingredients to satisfy: humor, a dash of romance, a colorful cast of characters and a charming [dog]. A whodunit to savor.

Barbara McMichaels, aka The Bookmonger

Sophisticated and nicely crafted… A smartly written cross between women’s fiction & cozy mystery. The ladies themselves are a hoot individually – put them together and all bets are off! The mystery was very cleverly done, with plenty of suspects and a few surprising twists… If you’re a fan of the pace of the Miss Marple or Mitford books – or the Branigan Powers Mysteries by Deb Richardson-Moore, then you will definitely enjoy the Fog Ladies!

Reading is my Superpower Blog

Beautifully crafted… A fun-filled cozy mystery for all to enjoy.

Midwest Book Review

5++ stars for The Fog Ladies: In the Soup. One of the best cozy mysteries I’ve read. From the first page to the last, the Fog Ladies dominate the story. Their personalities are so quirky, so original, they are the reason why I adored this mystery… I stayed up late to find out who the killer was and why. It surprised me when it was revealed, so kudos on a well-written mystery. I highly recommend!

NN Light, Book Heaven

Keeps readers guessing with an entertaining whodunit as twisty as San Francisco’s famed Lombard Street! … Readers are treated to the rich layers of a mystery supported by well-developed characters dealing with the natural progression of aging, or in the case of Sarah, with work and romantic problems. All of this is further leavened by the humorous attempts of Fog Lady Enid to get rid of Boris, the [new dog] with hilarious results. This third story in the series offers another outstanding puzzle in this superbly crafted cozy mystery series!

InD'tale Magazine

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